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Evotegra goes Nano


We are proud to show our Stereo 3D-Reconstruction & Deep Learning Object Detection solution on the Nvidia Jetson Nano.

Technical details:

  • Nvidia Jetson Nano
  • 2 x Basler acA40-uc
  • Resolution: 1900×1200 pixels
  • Power consumption including peripherals: ca. 15-18W
We achieve the following performance:
  • Deep Learning based object detection on one camera without visualization: 10 images per second
  • 3D reconstruction with stereo-camera: 9 images per second
  • Stereo 3D-Reconstruktion with simultaneous Deep Learning based Object Detection including 3D visualization: 5 images per second

In-Car Stereovision & Deep Learning

Check out our latest in-car demo of 3D Stereo-Reconstruction and simultaneous Deep Learning Object Detection.

Some technical facts:

  • Platform: Nvidia Xavier
  • Camera: 2x Basler acA 40-uc
  • Resolution: 1920×1200 Pixels
  • Data: 20 images or 1.5GBit (180 Megabytes) per second
  • Power consumption: ~45W including all peripherals
  • 3D Points: 2 up to 10 Millions per second
  • Visualization: 3D and Object Detection