Customer specific AI Solutions

Instead trying to adapt a standard product to an individual use-case, we use a standard process to create an individual solution.

Our image processing solutions scale from embedded devices to server solutions and can be easily deployed in a wide range of harsh industry and automotive use-cases.


If the human eye can see it within 1 second, the potential to automate a task with Artificial Intelligence is high.


Unique to the market our data acquisition and management are integral part of our services. This enables us to cost-efficiently manage projects even with no available data at the start of the project.

Typical use-cases

  • Quality Control: e.g. Detection of defects, completeness checks
  • Safety: e.g. Detection of hazardous materials
  • Automotive: e.g. Detection of traffic signs
  • Smart City: e.g. Detection of potholes, Parking space
  • Smart Building: e.g. People Count
  • Security: e.g. Intrusion detection
  • Privacy: Anonymize Images (Faces, License Plates)

3D Reconstruction & Stereo Vision

We offer cost-effective 3D-Stereo-Camera solutions with seamless AI integration and powerful integration features.

Unique to the market is that our 3D-Stereo-Camera System can be configured to support a wide range of use-cases like high range or high-accuracy systems.

Use our Stereo-Configuration Sheet to configure a system to your requirements and request an offer.

Typical use-cases are:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Collision Detection
  • 3D Data Collection
  • Defect Detection

Smart-City Visual Inspection System

In cooperation with our Partner Rebotnix we now offer the Smart-City Visual Inspection service platform consisting of:

  • Rebotnix in-car collection system based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • Camera (Single or 3D-Stereo depending on use-case)
  • Pretrained Neural Networks from our model store
  • GPS
  • LTE/4G connectivity
  • Data store on EU Cloud Server
  • Visualization and standard data interfaces
  • GDPR compliance

This platform is available for a monthly fee and offers companies the opportunity to start collecting data on the spot and deploy in their vehicle fleets.

Additional Services include:

  • Data collection and training of custom neural networks
  • Customer specific data interfaces and automation
  • Professional Support packages

Autonomous Driving

To really understand the difficulties of autonomous driving you need to do it.

Our approach is to provide a best fit solution for the constraints of automotive grade hardware. Therefore our systems for autonomous driving are designed with a focus on low power, compute and cost budget. To achieve this all relevant software and hardware for our mapless autonomous car demo is developed in-house.

Related to Autonomous Driving we support:

  • Perception
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Path Planning
  • Actuation
  • High Performance middleware with full recording and playback functionalities