Customer specific AI Solutions

Instead trying to adapt a standard product to an individual use-case, we use a standard process to create an individual platform-based solution.

Advantage and feasibility of Artificial Intelligence

AI allows detection of arbitrary diverse objects with unprecedented accuracy. If the human eye can see an object within 1 second, the potential for a reliable recognition with Artificial Intelligence is high.


How can Artificial Intelligence help to improve my services and products?
How can I integrate AI into my processes?
As part of our consulting we help to you to find the answer to these questions.


Unique to the market our data acquisition and management are integral part of our services. This enables us to cost-efficiently manage projects even with no available data at the start of the project.


While deep process integration is integral part of our services our solutions scale from embedded devices to server solutions. This enables deployment in a wide range of harsh industry and automotive use-cases.

Typical use-cases

  • Quality: e.g. Detection of product defects, completeness checks
  • Safety: e.g. Detection of persons or hazardous materials
  • Automotive: e.g. Detection of Traffic Signs
  • Smart City: e.g. Infracture Management, pot-holes
  • Smart Building: e.g. People Count
  • Security: e.g. Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Surveillance
  • Privacy: Anonymize Images (Faces, License Plates)

3D Reconstruction & Stereo Vision

We offer cost-effective 3D-Stereo-Camera solutions with seamless AI integration and powerful integration features.

Unique to the market is that our 3D-Stereo-Camera System can be configured to support a wide range of use-cases like high range or high-accuracy systems.

Use our Stereo-Configuration Sheet to configure a system to your requirements and request an offer.

Typical use-cases are:

  • Autonomous Driving
  • Collision Detection
  • Safety area monitoring
  • Measurement
  • 3D Data Collection for Maps
  • Defect Detection

Smart-City Visual Inspection System

We now offer the Smart-City data collection system consisting of:

  • in-car collection system based on NVIDIA Jetson
  • Camera (Single or 3D-Stereo depending on use-case)
  • Pretrained Neural Networks from our model store
  • GPS
  • LTE/4G connectivity
  • Data store on EU Cloud Server
  • Visualization and standard data interfaces
  • GDPR compliance

This platform is available for a monthly fee and offers companies the opportunity to start collecting data on the spot and deploy in their vehicle fleets.

Additional Services include:

  • Data collection and training of custom neural networks
  • Customer specific data interfaces and automation
  • Professional Support packages

Autonomous Driving

To really understand the difficulties of autonomous driving you need to do it.

Our approach is to provide a best fit solution for the constraints of automotive grade hardware. Therefore our systems for autonomous driving are designed with a focus on low power, compute and cost budget. To achieve this all relevant software and hardware for our mapless autonomous car demo is developed in-house.

Related to Autonomous Driving we support:

  • Perception
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Path Planning
  • Actuation
  • High Performance middleware with full recording and playback functionalities