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Autonomous driving
and map data collection

In the market since 2012 we provide a wide bandwidth of solutions for autonomous driving and HD/SD map data collection.

From classification, object detection, scene understanding, data analysis, technology evaluation, cloud services to crowd based data collection we can support our customers on a rich set of challenges in the autonomous driving business.

To really understand the difficulties of autonomous driving you need to do it.

Our approach is to provide a best fit solution for the constraints of automotive grade hardware. Therefore our systems for autonomous driving are designed with a focus on low power, compute and cost budget. To achieve this all relevant software and hardware for our mapless autonomous car demo is developed in-house.

Take a look at recordings of our in-car solutions on   or request a live demo in your facilities.

Industry solutions

In the industrial business area we have our main focus on process automation with the help of artificial intelligence and deep learning.

We provide full AI solutions from consulting, project management, data analysis up to the integration of AI-solutions into your specific environments.

Take a look at our  channel to see recordings of our solutions.

Banking solutions

The development of tailor fit software, system integration and -migration are in the center of our solutions for banking.

We cover the technical side of things from requirements engineering and software development to project and team management. What makes a key asset for successful projects is that we speak the language of our customers in the investment management as well as investment banking area.

Software development

The development of customer specific solutions and system integration is the core of our software development business.

We support a wide range of languages and platforms. Our software solutions run on servers down to mobile and embedded systems. Our main programming languages are C++, Java and C#.

Artificial Intelligence

In Artificial Intelligence we apply machine learning on images as well as on generic data. For images we support deep learning based classification, object detection and scene segmentation (perception), whereas for data we provide you with classification, regression, anomaly detection and clustering solutions.

We consult our customers on how to leverage artificial intelligence for their business, we guide you through your AI projects, help to design new processes and support you with the integration of AI components into your specific environment.

We help you to stay ahead!
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